Reviews Bactefort

  • Marina
    To me for a long time he suffered from frequent headaches. I had gone to many doctors, but neither the neurologist nor endocrinologist, and even the therapist has been able to assign a diagnosis. You could say that I accepted and only had to take pain killers every time you feel the approach of the migraine. When I got to work, I needed to make a medical book, for which I take some tests, and the test for parasites have shown that in my body a lot of worms. Specialist designated reception drops bactefort. I caught them, and after a month once again passed the tests – all clear! In addition, along with the worms went away and my headache.
  • Martina
    The daughter of after a trip to the sea he began to complain of itching in the anus. He took me to the doctor, and was tested for parasites and the result was positive. I was afraid that the doctor will prescribe powerful drugs, and the daughter has stomach problems, but the doctor suggests natural drops bactefort with no side effects. Daughter saw throughout the course, we have passed the tests – the result was negative!
  • Luka
    I was often tired, some weakness appears dizziness. Then went to the hospital and approved in the General analysis of blood, it turned out that the haemoglobin is much below normal. The doctor suggests to be examined for parasites, and got to the point that my body was full of worms. The doctor prescribed me drops Bactefortand after a course of treatment, my problem is gone by itself. Now I sometimes take this medication for the prevention and even children giving.
  • Matea
    I have seasonal allergies to bloom. As before, this was not, I decided to examine. After testing for the presence of parasites, the cause of the reactions was clear. The doctor gave me suggested taking drops bactefort. I agreed, but inside he was unsure whether the drug based on herbs. Repeated tests have dispelled my doubts – worms was not. Since that time I have lost my allergies.
  • Ivan
    Wife, colleagues, friends, everyone noticed that I suddenly started to lose weight, while there was some irritability. When I asked the technician asked me a series of tests, and the test for parasites was positive. My wife bought me a drop bactefortand I drink almost a month, then noticed a significant improvement in the health status. Repeat the tests came back clear, and the weight went up.
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